Friday Night – Club Racing


Your first point of contact/questions regarding Friday Club Nights is Craig Wright- Friday Night Race Secretary  


Friday Night Club Program

Each season a Friday night program will be released.  This will be emailed to all Club Members and posted on the website.  This program outlines the schedule of races to be run on each night.  This will also highlight the Championship events that are held on Friday evenings. The program also outlines the Parent helper roster for each night and a guide for targeted external meets. (Please continually check the noticeboard for targeted meets) 

Friday Club Night Swim Entry

Entry for Friday Night Club are made through the events portal on our home page. Entry costs are incorportated in the membership fees. Each member is permitted to swim 3 races per night. Entries must be submitted by no later than 5.00pm Wednesday prior.  A $5 late fee per race will apply.  

Please ensure to complete all online requirments, then check Competitior's List afterwards to ensure names have been registered. 

Club Night Qualifying times

Swimmers must meet certain qualifying times before progressing to a race of the next distance.  The Friday Club Night Qualifying Times are listed below.



25m to 50m 

50m to 100m 

100m to 200m 

200m to 400m

400m to 800m


800m to 1500m



25.00 sec  52.00 sec  1.32.00 sec  2.40.00 sec 6.00.00 sec 11.00.00 sec


26.00 sec  55.00 sec  1.45.00 sec       


30.00 sec  58.00 sec  2.02.00 sec       


32.00 sec  1.02.00 sec  1.45.00 sec       

Individual Medley

    1.50.00 sec  3.00.00 sec    


All new swimmers must do 25m swims and make the qualifying times before progressing to 50m events. (Exception: Swimmer's transferring from another Club who have valid times that have already met Club Qualifying Times).

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