External Meets


Entering External Meets

All club members are welcome to and encouraged to enter targetted external meets.

Targetted vs Non Targetted meets  A Targetted meet is one that the coaches have choosen for the club to attended.  Coaches are present at targetted meets, and a Team Manager is appointed on the day to help ensure the athletes get to their events.

There are a number of meets which are not targetted by club, which members can enter. These meets are entered independently of the club.

Please note for manual entries of non-targeted meets the entry process is very time consuming for the External Race Secretary and there are limits on the number of non-targetted meets that will be processed manually.

How do I know they are happening?  
The External Meets Race Secretary will send out an email via the Aquablitz email address to inform Club members of targeted meets for Aquablitz swimmers.  Notice of these events will also be posted on the noticeboard and a link to the program will be placed in the news section of the front page of the website.


How do I enter? 
These carnivals will each have a program that will outline the type of card to use.  They will be a single entry or a mutli-entry card.  These can be purchased from Aquabliss reception for $1.00 each.


When do I have to get entries in and who do I give it to? 
You will need to be cognisant of the  close date for these meets.  The published Aquablitz close date is often earlier than the published date, this allows for entries to be collated and  for entries to popular meets to be submitted early to avoid disappointment.

All meet entry cards must be given directly to the  External Meets Race Secretary (Rachel Tauroa), and the receipt number for the transfer of payment of entries written on the top of the card.  Where online entries are accepted, please enter directly online.  The link can be found on our website along with the meet details.

The Race Secretary  will send out a confirmation email to confirm entries are received, please check these careful and let Rachel know of any changes.

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